Untuk menjamin mutu iklan, semua iklan baharu akan diproses secara manual sebelum diterbitkan. Iklan yang berulang, salah kategori, salah harga dan tidak mengikut terma dan syarat - tidak akan disiarkan. Terima kasih

About Us

Establishment www.sekaki.my is an innovative step forward in leading the activities of the FREE advertising online (virtual).


www.sekaki.my website is globally accessible and open to anyone to advertise a product or service. It is known, by using this service, it can certainly improve the profitability of your business, because your customers are not local, but comprehensive.


www.sekaki.my Website built by taking into account the characteristics of interactive users, easy to use and informative. This was built to meet the needs of customers who always need to repair and renewal.


We will always help you and thanks for the support and encouragement you give.